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Pre-owned vehicle values have risen to all-time highs, and that gives you an opportunity to sell your car in Phoenix at the highest possible value. But not just that, we want to buy it! At Bell Road Mitsubishi, we have a team of buyers shopping across Glendale and beyond that are looking for the right car for you. Therefore, they will be able to give you the highest value for your quality vehicle. How do you sell your car to a dealership? That’s where we come in. Can you sell your car to a dealership? Learn the process behind it, then contact us once you’ve made your decision.

How to Sell Your Car to a Dealership

The first question that many drivers have is can you sell your car to a dealership? The answer is yes! Our dealerships sell a high volume of pre-owned vehicles, and that means we need more vehicles and will pay more to get them, which is great for you when you’re looking to sell your car in Phoenix. During regular business hours, you will be connected to one of our acquisition specialists that can give you an offer for your vehicle. Once agreed, you just need to set a convenient time to drop the vehicle off.

Once here, we will quickly confirm the condition of your vehicle and if you have a title, we will give you a check on the spot. If you are here when we are closed, you can still click the button and get an estimate of what your vehicle is worth and then set up a time for one of our acquisition specialists to reach out to you and finalize the sale. Either way, the process is quick and easy. That makes it easier than ever for you to sell your car in Phoenix and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sell your car to a dealership? Maybe you want to know how to sell your car to a dealership. Browse these brief frequently asked questions below from Bell Road Mitsubishi:

How Do I Sell My Car at a Dealership?

To receive an official offer, you’ll need to have your vehicle appraised at the dealership. You can then complete the transaction if you have the following items on hand:

  • Valid state-issued photo ID/driver’s license for all registered vehicle owners
  • Valid car title or payoff information
  • Valid vehicle registration
  • All keys, remotes, and accessories

Keep in mind that if the vehicle is titled to more than one person, all parties will need to be present in order to receive payment. Requirements may also differ depending on where your vehicle is registered.

Does Bell Road Mitsubishi Buy Leased Cars?

In some cases, we may be able to buy your car even if it is leased rather than financed. However, you will need to check with your leasing company for more information about their policies and procedures.

Can I Trade in or Sell a Car That is Not Paid Off?

If the offer you receive is less than the amount that you owe on the vehicle, you will have to pay the difference (i.e. negative equity) when you buy a truck or car in Peoria.

However, if you plan to trade your vehicle in for another, you may be able to roll that negative equity into your new loan depending on your financial situation and credit history. And thanks to the super low prices at Bell Road Mitsubishi, doing so might be a lot easier than you think! Ask your Bell Road Mitsubishi expert for details.

Can I Trade in My Car for a Used Car?

Yes! There’s no reason that you must purchase a new car after selling your car at a dealership near Mesa. After receiving payment for your trade-in vehicle, you can do what you like with it—whether that’s buying a new car, buying a used car, or not purchasing another vehicle at all.

Why Sell Your Car to a Dealership?

You may choose to sell your car online rather than at a dealership, but there are some important points to keep in mind if you do. Selling a car online involves listing it, waiting for buyers to show interest, and scheduling test drives with potential buyers versus selling your car at a dealership. If you’d rather expedite the process and shop for your next car right away—and ensure a fair offer—selling your car at a dealership is the way to go.

Find Out More About Selling Your Car to a Dealership with Bell Road Mitsubishi

If you’re ready to step forward toward owning a new or used car and want to make sure that you’re getting top dollar, then let our team at Bell Road Mitsubishi take care of the process for you. Our team is here to make sure that you’re not only getting some of the best features but also a price that isn’t going to break the bank. Apply for financing online from the comfort of your own home, and let our finance department take care of the paperwork for you.


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