How to Program a Mitsubishi Key Fob

November 8th, 2021 by
Basic Key Fob

Your Mitsubishi key fob offers a quick, easy, and most of all secure way to access your vehicle, but what happens when you click on the button to unlock it and nothing happens? While Mitsubishi key programming instructions are not hard to follow, we’re often asked by Glendale drivers how to change the battery in their Mitsubishi key fob, or how to program a Mitsubishi key fob after it has been updated. In this guide, we’ll not only show you more about the Mitsubishi key programming instructions, but also how to change the battery in your Mitsubishi key fob. Let’s take a look at how to program a Mitsubishi key fob with Bell Road Mitsubishi, or if you have any further questions, you can contact us today. 

Mitsubishi Key Programming Instructions

Sometimes your Mitsubishi key fob loses the connection with your car and stops responding to your commands. This can happen if your car loses power and resets. The good news is that reprogramming the key can help you bring it back to life in minutes from the comfort of your Peoria garage. Just follow these steps:

  • Hold both the lock and unlock button until the lights flash three times.
  • Let the buttons go.
  • Push the unlock button until the light flashes two times. Your car is synchronized.
  • Test the connection to make sure everything is working properly.

Our service department is here to provide you with extra tips and tricks, so contact them today if you have any questions or run into any problems while trying to reprogram your Mitsubishi key fob. 

Change the Battery in a Mitsubishi Key

If you’ve tried reprogramming your key, but your Mitsubishi key fob still seems completely unresponsive, then what should you do? Your next step is to check your Mitsubishi key fob battery. Here are the simple steps to change the battery in Mitsubishi keys:

  • Grab a flat-head screwdriver and a pack of 2032 batteries.
  • Pull out the key.
  • Find the indentation at the top of the fob.
  • Insert your screwdriver and twist until the fob pops open.
  • Pop the old battery out and replace it with the new battery.
  • Reassemble the fob case and press firmly to close.
  • Reinsert the key.

Our parts department has all of the tools necessary for you to make these repairs yourself, and we can also help you find the Mitsubishi Outlander key fob battery size that you need. You can reach out to them with any questions, especially if you’re having trouble finding the battery that fits your Mitsubishi Outlander or Mitsubishi Mirage key fob. 

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At Bell Road Mitsubishi, we’re here to help to make sure that you’re getting all of your automotive service and parts needs met with ease. From programming your Mitsubishi key fob to all of the maintenance you need in Mesa, you can trust our team.